Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Mt Condoriri

Condoriri: 4/25-26/2007


I danced to that mountain
To present to it my truth, unguarded.
The llamas butted and mounted each other in rut
As I danced
Invincible love to Condoriri, and myself.
Thank you for my lost control, my childish
Tantrum and stubbornness.
Thank you for not allowing me to practice with you, to climb you.
And thank you for making me run away,
For chasing me off with thunder and biting hail
My hands gloveless
Felt each piercing stab as I,
Joyful, was reminded
To Respect.


Skipping stones
Skipping stones
Throwing circles in
The clear clean mirror
Of Condoriri;
Its broad wings soaring
Its head and white breast
Shine under a
Midnight dust of snow
One, two, three
Ripples blur these
Stunning heights

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