Saturday, January 20, 2007

The Prophecy

San Francisco, 1/13/2007

I went looking for crystals that would be used to augment the movement of mountain spirit/essence into the water i collect for offering and essences. I found everything easily, and at the last shop i got rutilated quartz, topaz, and tourmaline, but they did not have garnet. I asked the woman there about where else I could go and she sent me looking for a shop on Church St. I stepped into a deep, narrow, dark shop cluttered floor to ceiling with stones, carvings, crystals, and beads. If there could have been misty smoke in the shop, there would have been. If there could have been eerie twangy music, there would have been. I looked for the person who worked there and out of a dark corner comes an old, wrinkly Asian woman. I asked for garnet, and she opened a case for me to select a piece. As I was buying the piece at the desk in the dark corner, she asked me what my sign is... "No. Chinese sign." "Tiger", I told her. She said "Oh yes, yes you are very healing, you are psychic, and generous... you can be stubborn." I laughed and said that she was right, I can be stubborn, that is true. Then she asked me how my year was. I was ready to take her seriously, so i answered seriously. I told her that it was a stressful year, where i had to make some difficult choices, but i ended up getting the important things done. She said that last year for me was a year of compromise. Yep, it sure was, that is the word that sums it up. Now I am kind of amazed with this woman. She continues, "This year (starting mid Feb) is the year of the Boar. The BEST year for you!" She said that this year I should do something I´ve always wanted to do, it is the best year for me. And with that, I stepped back out onto the street, a little stunned, a little elated, and wondering what this year has in store for me. The prophecy.

Then, half a block away, a man asked me for a favor. "Sure, what do you need?"
"I know this is kind of weird... I have an interview in a few minutes, and i had this sweater on which left lint all over my shirt. Could you brush me off?" And he handed me a lint remover. So, I wished him luck, brushed the lint off the back of his shirt and arms, and headed on my way.

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Stephanie said...

Ya'lls be pimps...go'on brush your shoulders off!!